One tasty cuppa joe…

verve-coffeeVerve Coffee Roasters

Being one of the original “third wave” coffee roasters here in Santa Cruz, Verve certainly knows a thing or two about creating one damn fine cup of coffee. Good coffee is not hard to find in most cities these days, but if you want a true coffee nerd experience, look no further. Every step of the process is exceptionally curated, from direct relationships with single origin family farms, hand roasting with attention to detail, all the way to the methodical brewing techniques artfully executed by phenomenally talented baristas. – “Verve cafes celebrate life and the aesthetics of living, and the way coffee unites us all in an international community.”

catcloud-200_590x200Cat & Cloud Coffee

Headed up by a couple of former champion baristas and creative talents at Verve, Cat & Cloud is continuing to forge the specialty coffee culture here in Santa Cruz. A passion for all things coffee runs strong with this crew and the level of customer service is like no other. Their newest cafe has them collaborating with the always delicious local bakers Companion Bakeshop, located in Abbott Square downtown. A morning at the Abbott enjoying a warm cortado and a delectable fresh baked galette…. is a day off to a great start! – “At Cat & Cloud we’re on a mission to leave people feeling happier than we found them.”

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